Shoulder Replacement

The shoulder is a ball-and-socket joint like the hip. But unlike the hip, which is less mobile and more stable, the shoulder has a range of motion of 180 degrees. With that mobility comes a lack of stability, making it more vulnerable to wear and tear, injury and occasional dislocation.

Sports such as tennis and golf can be hard on your shoulders, but simple everyday activities like reaching into an overhead cupboard can also take a toll. Arthritis in the shoulder is one of the most common reasons patients need shoulder replacement.

Using advanced imaging technology, our shoulder doctors at Abrazo Health can provide a diagnosis and develop a customized treatment plan for you. Shoulder replacement surgery, which is less common than hip or knee replacement but can be just as successful in relieving joint pain, may be an option.

Considering Shoulder Replacement

Shoulder pain treatment typically begins with pain management, rehabilitation and physical therapy. However, if the degeneration is severe enough, the orthopedic shoulder surgeon may recommend shoulder replacement.

During shoulder replacement surgery, orthopedic shoulder doctors can replace your joint with an artificial one, easing pain and restoring range of motion. Reverse shoulder replacement, which reverses the positions of the ball and socket joints, may be recommended for patients to repair large rotator cuff tears.

Our Shoulder Specialists

Whether your shoulder pain is the result of arthritis, acromioclavicular separation, a rotator cuff injury or anything else, the orthopedic surgery specialists at Abrazo Health are here to provide expert care that can help you live as pain-free as possible. In addition to completing medical school and orthopedic surgery residencies, many of our orthopedic surgeons have completed additional training to specialize in shoulder treatment. As a result, you have access to a surgical team that can provide some of the most advanced surgical treatments available.

Get back to experiencing the activities you enjoy. Make an appointment today with an orthopedic shoulder specialist at Abrazo by calling (602) 674-6588.

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